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Hāna's Family Resource Center

`A`ohe lokomaika`i i nele i ke pâna`i

(No kind deed has ever lacked its reward.)

‘Ohana Makamae offers care-based, client-centered services through professional counseling and other supportive resources.

Our staff have “been there” and utilize their understanding and personal knowledge to empower clients in creating a better life for themselves.

‘Ohana Makamae was established as a non-profit organization in 1999.

team member

Aloha! I have served for over 20 years in this field, most of which has been in management. I believe the core of all that exists has to do with the spirit that we do it in. A healthy spiritual walk is a lifestyle that directs and deepens all aspects of wellness.

Cynthia Santiago
Executive Director
team member

My name is Gerardi, and I have OMI to thank for my recovery and my life that I now share with my family. I owe a lot to our substance abuse program for giving me the help I so desperately needed in my times of trials and tribulations. I enjoy work everyday as I can help others live a life of sobriety.

Milton-Gerard Oliveira
Sober Living House Manager
team member

My intention is to be of service to anyone. Mindfulness, positive self-outlook, nonviolent communication, healthy grieving, and helping people understand the nervous system’s role in moving through and recovering from overwhelming life events are some of my specialties.

Brien Benjamin, MA
Mental Health Counselor
team member

Hana has influenced who I am as an individual, wife, mother, co-worker and community member. I'm excited to be working at Ohana Makamae and aim to be a beacon of light, hope, change, restoration, deliverance, health and healing.

Kawe’a Boeche
Case Manager
team member

Success to me is not how much I have, but how much I can give. I love being able to be with an organization that has impacted my community for years. I believe a safe place like ‘Ohana Makamae and a passionate team, we will see problems decrease.

Hailama Akoi
team member

Aloha! I was born and raised in beautiful Hana. We too have our share of issues. ‘Ohana Makamae has been a part of my life for many years. Once a client, I've now been their school-based counselor for 10 years, and now fill in as their adult substance abuse counselor.

Ramona Oliveira
Technical Assistant
team member

Aloha! I am a husband, father, farmer, a domestic Violence counselor and a pastor. My hope is to see families and individuals restored to a life of peace and harmony in our Hana Community! Ohana Makamae is a place with adequate resources and assistance to help you!

Ka Wolfgramm
DVI Facilitator
team member

Hana has given me so much and I only hope that I can give in return. My goal is to empower individuals by reflecting their innate abilities to make positive choices, engage in healthy relationships, and grow in their awareness, so they can live healthy lives and influence others in a positive way.

Craig Zuber, MSW
Adult Substance Abuse Counselor