About Us

Our mission is to strengthen the families of East Maui 
using Hawaiian culture and spiritual values.

Where do we begin?

‘Ohana Makamae cannot make dreams come true, promise a better life, or undo the hurts and sorrows caused by misuse of harmful substances.  We know clients are facing an uphill battle, and that it takes hard work and dedication to create a better situation than the one they find themselves in.  …We simply begin.

Our staff  have “been there” and utilize their understanding and personal knowledge to empower clients in creating a better life for themselves. Recovery is a step by step process. We believe the client must “do for themselves” what others cannot do for them. Our programs provide the support clients need in finding a better path, but it is the client who must walk that path.

‘Ohana Makamae has provided substance abuse treatment and support services in beautiful Hāna, East Maui since 1999.