omiIn this small tucked-away town of Hāna on the eastern side of the beautiful island of Maui, ‘Ohana Makamae offers a holistic family resource center which includes substance abuse treatment for adults and adolescents, sober housing, and various family support services. Our mission is:“To strengthen the families of East Maui through Hawaiian culture and spiritual values.”

`Ohana Makamae fulfills its mission by providing a continuum of culturally based substance abuse treatment programs as well as personalized mental health counseling services. The organization also provides family support through parental education, community based activities, and other important resources.

Often referred to as “the last true Hawaiian place”, Hāna is one of the most beautiful rural areas of Hawai’i. ‘Ohana Makamae serves its long-established native Hawaiian community alongside a diverse population of non-Hawaiian residents. Native Hawaiians are estimated at 65% of the approximate 3,000 Hāna residents.

We believe in the strength of spiritual values, family values, and Hawaiian cultural values. These cornerstones are present in every aspect of our work. Our aim is to integrate these core values in a strategic manner, encouraging clients to embrace the spirit of aloha. We seek to engage the clients we serve toward personal restoration and long-term wellness.

Our Mana’o (Belief) – we encourage, and support the family’s role in the recovery process. We believe in treating the whole person, working together with the community, as one ‘ohana.

‘OHANA (family) is the source of all that is good.

Check out this interview below by our Executive Director and Substance Abuse Counselor.

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