“Domestic violence is inside every community and in many homes and families. Our local communities are no exception! However, there is hope for all of us on the East side of Maui! Ohana Makamae has resources available for all! There is great information and good counseling in this area. So far we have been successful in counseling, training and teaching clients who are in the program! We have graduates too. Since the start of our DVI program last year, three men and one woman have succeeded and completed the requirements of the state of Hawai’i. These graduates have gone through many weeks and have understood why they have been causing problems within their relationships and families. Also, they have learned life skills to counter the behavior! We continue to follow through with checking on them and encouraging them at home! With the Covid-19 health requirements, we are reaching out to those who are with us now and our graduates through tele-meetings and texting. We still provide them with homework as weekly lessons and exercises which include counseling as well! We are proud of these men and women who have made an effort to continue witnessing that violence is not acceptable and there are better ways of addressing daily life stresses which bring conflict to the relationships. In closing, information on individuals in the program is strictly confidential! Please feel free to consider enrolling with us in our DVI program here at Ohana Makamae! “

Ka F. Wolfgramm- DVI Facilitator



In this small tucked-away town is ‘Ohana Makamae, a holistic non-profit agency offering Behavioral Health & Family Resource Services. 

Since it’s grass roots beginnings, it’s mission has been 

To strengthen the families of East Maui through Hawaiian culture and spiritual values.”

 In the small tucked-away town of Hāna, on the eastern side of the beautiful island of Maui, is ‘Ohana Makamae; a non-profit Behavioral Health and Family Resource Center. Hāna is one of the most beautiful rural areas of Hawai’i, often referred to as “the last true Hawaiian place” on the islands.  

Since its inception in 1999, its mission has been “To strengthen the families of East Maui through Hawaiian culture and spiritual values.”

`Ohana Makamae fulfills its mission by providing culturally based, professional Counseling programs.  By using current, evidence based treatment models; we assist our clients in their personal quest towards restoration and long-term wellness.

Our clinical staff encourage and support involving the family therapeutically, as the ‘ohana is an important part of treating the whole person.

 ‘Ohana Makamae means precious family.  Hana has a long-established native Hawaiian community who we serve, alongside a diverse population of non-Hawaiian residents. Native Hawaiians are approximately  65% of the 3,000 or so East Maui residents.

Check out this interview below by our Executive Director and Substance Abuse Counselor.

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